Our Mission

We aim to be the golden key that leads SMEs in their journey toward success.

Positive Vibes is a leading office space operator striving to ensure service excellence with over nine years of experience to meet the business needs of SMEs in Saudi Arabia.

We provide you with high-end office spaces, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces designed to meet the professional requirements of startups while ensuring a comprehensive administrative service.

Years of Experience

We helped companies find and create the perfect workspace for their people.


We provide all amenities such as fast internet, takeaway food, etc.

Our Team

A trained professional team ready to serve you at any time.

Equipped rooms

Many meeting rooms are equipped and suitable for all activities.

Our Values

We believe in the power of great workspaces.


We believe in partnership and communication, working with you in a team spirit.


Effective communication with all groups, customers, partners, and suppliers.


Commitment to continuous development and collective to give the best quality.


Compliance with international regulations and standards at our work.

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CEO’s Message

“We have bright and inspiring private offices designed to help teams of all sizes get their jobs done. Move to a ready-to-use space or customize the design and furniture to reflect your business culture. “

Eng. Salem Al-Masrahi